Cloud™ Bath Bomb Mould

Cloud™ Bath Bomb Mould

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All Bath Bomb Moulds™ are made with Easy Release Technology™ to make sure all our moulds release perfectly every time.

Bath Bomb Moulds™ Plastic Types

LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene - Clear
HIPS High Impact Polystyrene - Coloured

All Bath Bomb Moulds™ Are Australian Made 
Dimensions are approximately:

100mm Wide (at widest point)
25mm High (at highest point)
70mm Deep (at deepest point)

80mm Wide (at widest point)
30mm High (at highest point)
55mm Deep (at deepest point)

Mould Care:

Bath Bomb Moulds™ recommend hand washing our moulds using commercial dish washing detergents, avoid abrasive cleaning. LDPE and HIPS Plastics can be susceptible to scratching which may affect the unmoulding process